Boston Video Journalist Steve Safran
Available for Full Time, Part Time and Consulting

A True Pioneer

You can hire someone who knows how to produce. You can hire a writer. You can bring in a social media expert too. Or you can hire me and get all of the above and more. 

I'm Steve Safran. I helped launch NECN, one of the nation's first 24-hour news channels. I ran, the first all-video local news website. I am a national expert on social media and journalism.


Whether it's top-flight podcast production, video production or writing, I bring professionalism and experience to every project.


Available for:

Digital Consulting

Social Strategy

Podcast Production

Video Production


Website Development

Online Marketing 





Video Portfolio (See Player)
"The Movies Come to Natick": Reporter/Videographer/Editor
The Dinner Daily: Writer/Producer
CAM Media Testimonial: Writer/Producer
Recent TV Appearances:


"Steve sees trends... with clarity and wisdom that gives people who work with him tremendous confidence. All (who work with him) wind up at the table together feasting on the tremendous new opportunities Steve can lay out for you. He is one in a million" - Amy Wood, TV Anchor, Client


The written word comes first. Without a story there is no video. Everything comes from the story. I make sure your story is airtight before we take the video camera out of the box.

Also important is my unwavering belief that "Rubber Soul," not "Sgt. Pepper" is the best Beatles album.



The year I spent as a reality TV show producer.